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Using your noggin

13 Aug

As I opened WordPress this morning to write this post, everything has changed. The WordPress template for creating posts has been revamped. I hate when this happens. I hated moving to the new Microsoft Office suite. We switched from First Class to Outlook for e-mail at work. And now this. Nothing is intuitive. I have to look for all the tabs and features I like instead of having them close to hand. ARGH!!! Where are the SAVE and spellcheck buttons? This is frustrating. 

But, I got used to the new Word program and Outlook, so will adapt to this change. Though I will grumble about it for a while. It’s a free program, so I shouldn’t complain, right?! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. 

Imagine how much I’d grumble if I woke up one morning to find my head attached to a new body. 


That’s what happens in Noggin, except Travis new this change was coming and I didn’t. 

Travis was terminally ill, but had his head frozen, then reattached to a donor body 5 years later. When he wakes up he is still 16, but everyone else is 5 years older. The book is about how he adapts to his new situation. I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy this books as much as I did. Travis wants everything to be the way it was, but that can’t really happen and he has got to figure it out. There are a few surprises and I didn’t like all of Travis’ decisions, but they were realistic. 

If you are looking for something a little different, but with a good story line, pick up Noggin. 


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