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Closing Time: A Slice of Life Story

19 Aug


Today is my last day. I have a two day training tomorrow, marking my return to work. That means summer vacation is over.

Today is my last day of freedom.

Although I am looking forward to the excitement of a new school year and the return of cooler weather, I am sad to let go of vacation.

It’s mostly my morning routine I’ll miss.Getting up early to open all windows and doors to let in the cool pre-dawn air. Hanging out in my pajamas a little longer than necessary. Drinking coffee on the sofa with a dog on either side of me. Having time to read as the sun comes up. Finishing the coffee and putting the kettle on for the pot of tea I will drink for the rest of the day.

Here is Tom Waits’¬†Closing Time which reflects how I am feeling today.

Every beginning of the school year is two parts exciting and one part nerve-wracking. I’m still in the nerve-wracking stage and have had to wear my night guard to bed because I’ve been grinding and clenching my teeth. Once we are back for a few days I’ll be more in the exciting part. I’ve already looked at the 4th grade class lists and things look OK. By October, it will feel as though¬†summer was an age ago.



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