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Stop whining & buck up

20 Aug

OK. Major attitude adjustment this morning. Yes, I have to go back but I get to see colleagues I’ve not seen for a while. I have a can do spirit this morning. At least, I am working on having one. Here are some picture books to inspire readers to overcome obstacles.


In Jane Sutcliffe’s  Stone Giant:Michelangelo’s David and How He Came to Be I learned that Michelangelo wasn’t the first person to carve the block of marble that became David. The block sat in the middle of Florence where  a few sculptors had tried to turn it into something, but no one succeeded. Michelangelo looked at the block, and the places where bits had been carved away, and saw his David. It is really a remarkable story. Illustrations show the process and show David in all his full frontal glory. Yes, kids will giggle, but I giggle at National Geographics as a kid and survived. let me share a few lines from the movie Calendar Girls:

MARIE: Naked!

CORA: It’s not naked. It’s nude.

MARIE: What’s the difference?


In The Numberlys by William Joyce and Christina Ellis, we encounter a time of numbers, but no letters.


All is black, white and gray; dull and lifeless, until a group of friends decides to shake things up. They create letters, then words  and bring color to the world. The book is mostly vertical and though the text is simple, it makes you think.

Finally, Hermelin the Detective Mouse by Mini Grey tells the story of a mouse with great talent for finding things.


Unfortunately, no one on Offley Street knows he is here. One day, he notices the message board where local residents have left notes about their missing jewels and pets. Suddenly, Hermelin is on the case! He returns the missing items to their rightful owners with typed notes, but no one knows where to find this mysterious detective. After he solves a missing persons case, the neighborhood holds a party for Hermelin, and they are surprised to discover his secret. The lovely detailed illustrations and happy ending will warm your heart.

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