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Zombies aren’t for everyone

5 Sep

Here’s a book I almost didn’t read. I don’t really enjoy zombie books, but I can think of several boys who would find My Zombie Hamster  by Havelock McCreely, just perfect.


The story is set in a world where zombies are a given. People wear chips to monitor their life signs and when they die, the monitor lets officials know they are dead. If the monitor says you are dead and you are still walking……

Our protagonist, Matt, gets a hamster for Christmas instead of the game component he wanted. He doesn’t really pay Snuffles much attention until he dies and becomes a zombie hamster, renamed Anti-Snuffles.  When Anti-Snuffles escape and starts turning neighbors’ pets and woodland creatures into an animal zombie army, Matt and his pals try to catch him and save the world.

The humor in the book is just what an upper elementary, early middle schooler will love. As with many middle grade books, the adults don’t come off as very smart or competent,  but they seem that way to a lot of middle graders away.

The book is a quick read: only 200 pages with a largish font.

I bet you know someone who might enjoy reading it.


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