Happy International Dot Day

15 Sep


Today is International Dot Day, a day to connect, collaborate, create and celebrate all that creativity inspires and invites. If you have a chance read The Dot  by Peter Reynolds, and share it with someone if you can. Even the ordinary can be extraordinary.

With that in mind, I wanted to share Families Around the World  by Margriet Ruurs.


Based on real people who Ruurs met, Families Around the World   shares what life is like for families  including Chinese immigrants in Canada, a Texas ranch family, a Mayan village family in Mexico, several European families, and a kibbutz family in Israel. Families in Saudi Arabia, Kenya (a Maasai village), Pakistan, South Korea and Mongolia.

Each family’s story fills a tw0-page spread and introduces us to the food, language, custom and tradition of each. There is a biracial family and a family with a single dad. I thin the biggest downfall of the book is that the entire continent of Africa is represented by one family. That said, this is a good introduction to global ideas and might send young readers off in search of more information.

This could be nice way for kids to do a little writing about their own families and create a class book.

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