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Serendipity on a Street Corner

11 Nov


Yesterday, almost home from walking the dogs, I picked up a Christmas CD. I mean this literally, not figuratively. There was a box on the corner full of CD’s available for the taking. The CD was still wrapped in its original cellophane.

This is a custom in my neighborhood. When people move or reorganize, they put “good stuff” on the curb or at the corner. Corners are clearly better because they get more foot and vehicular traffic. I’ve put my share of things out and you might be surprised at how excited I get when I discover it has gone to a new home, to be loved by a person who needed it more than I did.

Over the years, I’ve picked up some really “good stuff”.  Every year, I knit an ornament for the holiday gift exchange that has become a not-to-be-missed tradition at my school . The first year I did this an unopened bag of stuffing appeared on the street corner. I am still using the bag to stuff the ornaments. There just might be enough to last until I retire.

Once, walking the dogs, I picked up a complete set of the audiobook of Julie Andrews’ Home: A Memoir of my Early Years. Not a scratch on any of the discs! I have also picked up a pewter bowl and an end table with a drawer. One of its legs was off  for want of a screw, but I had a bag of screws. It is now featured in my living room, leg repaired.

Sometimes, serendipitously, you find the thing you are looking for on a street corner.






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