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Me & Marley

16 Nov

I spent yesterday with this lovely fellow. His name is Marley and he is seven years old.


Marley and I met up at the PetSmart in Tigard for an Adoption Event where we were the Oregon Basset Hound rescue reps for the day. There were two other rescue groups there, too: Homeward Bound Pets Adoption Shelter from McMinnville and  a terrier rescue. The terriers went wild whenever anyone walked past. Marley just whined a little and looked at them with sad eyes, and lured them over to get some loving. He got a lot of ear rubs and a few bellyrubs because the terriers made him look so calm and gentle.

Marley reminded me a lot of my old boy Louie, who left me several years ago.

Louie-Just_being Louie

Maybe all boy bassets are just babies, but these two boys were pretty much the same in that they love people.

Marley got a few serious inquiries yesterday.  He will be at the Petsmart in Tigard (7501 Southwest Dartmouth St. Tigard, Oregon 97223) again today, Nov. 16, 2014, where I am hoping the couple I spoke to for a long time yesterday will be back with their dog to see how the two of them get along. OBHR doesn’t adopt directly from an event like this. These folks know we will insist on a home visit and that we give them a two-week trial period to see if things go well. They also know that Marley has a health issue right now. Perhaps you noticed in his picture, that his ears and legs look rather red.

In fact, he had a vet appointment at the end of the event with our regular vet, Dr. R., at the Banfield vetspital right next door to the PetSmart. Marley has some skin issues, allergies and a yeasty fungal skin issue. He got his ears cleaned and his nails trimmed. And he went home with a big bag of meds and a giant bag of hypoallergenic dog food. A lot of the dogs that come to us have some health issues we have to deal with. My Fiona came with an ear infection. Like Marley, she was given up because the cost of taking care of her was more than her family was willing or able to bear.

I think Marley probably had a good sleep on his way home. And I hope to hear some good news about his new family before too long.

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