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The sunny side of the street

18 Nov


I’ve had almost three months together with the stream-of-consiousness-impulsive-puppies that are my 4th grade class. They are coming along nicely and I have learned how to work with them. Some days, I do a better job than others, but we are mostly have good days. Yes, they still start talking when I inhale, but they are quicker to stop when asked. That’s progress, right?!

As a school, we are focusing on student-talk, and that is one of my professional goals as well. My task isn’t so much getting them to talk as helping them learn how to make their talk more academic and focused.

I had an epiphany during a recent author visit when I noticed that, of all the 4th and 5th grade classes present, my class had the most hands up when questions were asked or volunteers requested.

Yes, my class loves to talk, but they also love to participate. If there is an opportunity to do something, my class jumps right in. This is the sunny side of the street we live on. When they have to share in table groups, they do. If someone doesn’t, the rest of the group is pretty good at encouraging that person to talk. They are kind-hearted and enthusiastic and that helps make the constant chatter bearable.



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