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100 Things – A Slice of Life Story

25 Nov


Inspired by  the example of many other Slicers, I decided to see what my 4th graders would do with the 100 Things I’m Thankful for Challenge. I worried there might be groans.Instead, I got kids asking, could they take it  for homework and asking if they could go past 100! I keep saying these stream-of-consciousness impulsive puppies are kind hearted. I worked on my list while they worked on theirs. I walked around a bit to monitor and saw some wonderful things on their papers. rather than listing my 100, I’m going to give a sample of some of the things they came up. I chose on thing from each student’s list.

  • butterflies
  • Girl Scouts
  • hot cocoa
  • Kool Aid
  • smelly markers
  • stuffed animals
  • dictionary
  • brain
  • constellations
  • legos
  • polar bear ear muffs
  • gravy
  • fuzzy pajamas
  • Christmas movies
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • tie-dye shirts
  • electric cars
  • noodles
  • soccer
  • meeting Ken Jennings
  • Roberto Clemente
  • US Navy
  • Minecraft
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