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A bassety post today

22 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Howliday Card Exchange time. I have already received about 40 cards and everyday there seems to be at least one in the mail. The biggest bonanza was a day with 8 cards. A little bit of heaven.  Here is the card I sent out this year:


One of the Droolers always creates a webpage of the cards they receive, so if you’d like to see what I’ve been getting, click here. It is good for a chuckle.

Lucy had an appointment  Saturday morning for her bordatella vaccine, a nail trim and anal gland expression. As we were waiting to check out they mentioned she was due for a heart worm test and I let the vet tech take her back. She didn’t return for a while and I thought they might be backed up. Then my vet came out and said the tech had done a jugular draw and Lucy had a hematoma. They were keeping her a bit to be sure the bleeding had stopped and that they’d put a note in her chart that she should never again have a jugular draw. When Lucy came out she had zebra wrap around her neck and I was told to take it off in about 30 minutes.

Lucy was exhausted when she got home and slept most of the afternoon and into the evening. By Sunday morning, her chest was swollen and purple. Here are before & after shots:

Lucy_rubenesque IMG_1805

After a moment of panic when I was planning a trip to the emergency vet, I searched about hematomas following a jugular draw. Apparently this is an uncommon, though possible, complication. I relaxed and decided not to go to the emergency vet since Lucy seemed to be her normal, funny self. I called as soon as the vet opened this morning and Lucy had a 9:15 appointment to ease my mind.

We saw the vet and she said it is indeed a hematoma and that Lucy isn’t bleeding to death. However, she is concerned Lucy might have a mild form of Von Willebrand’s Disease, which is a clotting disorder. Some tests are on order for after the holidays.

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