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Flu Season

13 Jan


My class has had great attendance all year. For the first few weeks of school, the secretary called to remind me to do attendance because no one was ever absent.

But, Winter Break is over and it is January. I haven’t had perfect attendance since Break ended. Last Friday, the principal came to our room to hand out ¬†attendance certificates for the first trimester, and one of those receiving the award was out sick.

Yesterday, I sent a boy to the office. When he returned he said he wouldn’t be at school tomorrow. He had my permission to go to the bathroom whenever he needed, without asking. I disinfected his desk after school. Thank goodness for the disinfectant wipes we ask the kids to bring!

I am eating healthy food and taking all the precautions I can. I am one of those asthmatic people who is supposed to get a flu shot. I asked my doctor and she said she’s 50/50 on flu shots and I should do what I think is best. ¬†About 20 years ago I got one and got sick shortly afterwards. The logical part of my brain tells me that was a coincidence. The rest of my brain says “No flu shot!”. It is going to take a bout of the flu without a shot to get me to start a new flu shot tradition.

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