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What was I thinking? A Slice of Life Story

20 Jan


I packed my bag Friday night  with all the things I’d need for the adoption event the next morning: blanket and water bowl for the dogs we’d have on hand, printouts of available dogs, the poster board, donation box, candy and bowl. I was set.

Saturday morning saw torrential downpours and it was OK to miss a day cozy at home because I knew Monday was a holiday. I had a late breakfast so I wouldn’t need to take a break for lunch. I had some snacks, just in case.

The rain was wicked as I drove to the PetSmart. This wasn’t our usual location for the adoption event. This time two stores were buddying up. It was easy to find although I surprised they didn’t have sign out or balloons. I figured it was due to the weather.

I walked in, surprised to see no tables set up, but I confidently walked up to the store associates and announced that I was there to represent Oregon Basset Hound Rescue. They looked perplexed. They were under the impression it was next month. Uh oh. The manager kindly called over to our regular store and they thought so too.

I retreated to the car and called our adoption coordinator. Apparently, I was a month early. I’m not sure how I made the mistake, since every e-mail I had about the event clearly said February in the subject line.

I’m leaving the bag packed so I can use it when I show up again…on the right day this time.

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