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4 Feb


The word “awesome” came up in something we read in class yesterday. It was used to mean something great and terrible, rather than excellent and the kids wondered at the usage. I love that they asked that question.

John Rocco’s Blizzard  is awesome (excellent) and the blizzard he writes about in it is also awesome (great and terrible). Based on the 1978 blizzards he experienced as a kid, Rocco tells of one family’s blizzard and how, after four snowbound days, cabin fever set in and rations began to run low. The text is simple but powerful and the illustrations dynamically enhance the story.


reading this brought back many memories. In 1978, I was in grade 8 and remember days when buses were canceled, but town kids like me had to walk to school. It really was a mile to school in a blizzard! We had a blast because only about 10 kids showed up to Mr. Ziegler’s class before they sent us home again. Really We not only had to walk there, then they sent us home after a few hours. My sister and I always walked with out friend Christine, Her nana’s house was halfway home so we stopped there called our moms to see if we could stay there and played Monopoly with Masterpiece money. My memories of that winter are just as fond as John Rocco’s and they have inspired me to write about it too.

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