The healing power of love

16 Feb


Ada’s mother is so ashamed of her daughter’s club foot that she keeps her in their London flat. Ada’s only solace is her younger brother Jamie. She has spent much of her life caring for him, and as he got older, he became her eyes and ears into the wider world. When London;s children are to be evacuated during the Blitz, Mam intends to keep Ada with her and send only Jamie to safety in the countryside. But Ada and Jamie have other ideas. The pair are housed with Susan, a reluctant guardian who is grieving the loss of a dear friend. Under her care, Ada and Jamie are transformed. When Mam reappears, things look bleak, but love has a power all its own, to heal and transform.

The story is narrated in Ada’s voice and her details and honesty make this a compelling story. I have already recommended¬†The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley to one parent who asked what she should buy her daughter for her birthday, and I will highly recommend this to my twin sister. I hope you read it too.

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