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Sharing my love of knitting #SOL15

2 Mar

A friend has been off work since November with a disabling vertigo known as labyrinthitis. She can’t drive, except for short runs to the grocery store and then her husband sits beside her. Someone else taught her to knit recently and she put out a Facebook post about it asking for more help, so I offered to stop by and see what I could do to help.

We met yesterday and it was a great afternoon. I am a continental knitter and had to refresh my memory on English knitting. My mom was my first knitting teacher and I learned English knitting from her. When I was an exchange student in Denmark, my host mom taught me continental knitting and I’ve never looked back. Except when I offer to help people who are English knitters.

My friend was only taught to knit, so I taught her to purl. And, as she began alternating rows of king and purl, we chatted. We talked about her three kids and my 2 dogs. We talked about her job situation and mine and we mourned the loss of the job we loved: when we worked together in the library. We talked about Downton Abbey, though she wasn’t allowed to tell me anything about season 5 because I don’t have a TV and I am #143 on the hold list for the library’s 80 copies. She sent me away with some books about Downton Abbey which I promised to return when I came for our next knitting session.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon.


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