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The Ups & Downs of a Senior Pet #SOL15

4 Mar


A month ago, I celebrated Fiona’s 14th birthday.

Two weeks ago she had a successful surgery to remove a bloody lump. When I picked her up afterwards, the vet tech said the whole staff commented on how much younger she seemed.

Friday, her stitches were supposed to come out, but the vet tech felt they needed to stay in a few more days and I scheduled a new appointment for the following Tuesday.

Saturday, Fiona was weak on her feet and didn’t seem herself. She was clearly having trouble with her back end and walking was difficult. She slept most of the day and night.

By Sunday morning, she was herself again.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was stitch removal day. She was great in the morning and I left work a little early to make it to the appointment. When I got home, I could see she was having trouble walking again. I carried her down the stairs to the car and got her to the vet, where the staples were removed. Once we were home she pretty much stopped walking.

This morning, she seems to be about the same and I am very worried. Is this IT? She still seems perky and her appetite is good, but she can’t get around. My vet doesn’t work Wednesdays or Thursdays so the earliest I can get her in is Friday. I hate not knowing what to do.

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