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A Wasted Day #SOL15

9 Mar


I’m having trouble this morning. After Saturday’s high, I hit a low yesterday.

I was exhausted Saturday afternoon when I got home and knew I needed a good sleep that night. I had already decided to skip church when I got up yesterday. I felt OK. But I made a salad for lunch and shortly after eating it, started to feel woozy and clammy. My stomach felt off. Suddenly I had to dash for the bathroom.I haven’t vomited in year. In fact, I can;t even remember the last time. Decades, probably.

I felt better after that, so I wonder if I didn’t wash the lettuce mix well enough. I threw out everything I had used to make the salad: the new package of Spring Mix, the salad dressing that had been in the fridge for a while, and the pecans I had just toasted that morning. It was a waste of food, but one of those things made me sick and I am not going to take chances.

Around five, I began to see an aura. A headache now?! So I took two Advil and decided to have a soft-boiled egg and toast. get a little protein in my system. I had a banana while I boiled the egg because they sometimes help, too. After the egg was done I got the salt & pepper. I shook a little salt on the egg then, not thinking, I unscrewed the lid to the pepper  and DUMP. A giant pile of pepper on my egg. I tried scraping it off, but there was no hope. I started over.

I don’t like to waste food and here was a day with two meals, wasted. Sigh. Fortunately, the headache never really materialized and I seem to be fine this morning.

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