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Koala Konspiracy

12 Mar

They look so innocent, clinging to the pencil,


but they are invading my classroom. Today, I confiscated 7 koalas and two little green men.


They wouldn’t be a problem if they just stayed atop the pencil they are supposed to be topping. But they don’t. They climb down and then the little demons possess the souls of the fourth graders who bought them at the student store. The children begin to talk in a high squeaky voice. Their hands take the koalas and start invading their table partner’s space and before you know it Math has gone to heck and the koalas have taken over.

Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it is becoming an epidemic. I had a little heart to heart with my class. I told them thatĀ if I get any more I will keep them forever, knit them little Christmas sweaters and decorate my tree with them in December. They laughed, but knew I was serious, because the June Box is ready.


Koalas, beware!

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