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The Road I Traveled #SOL15

16 Mar

Bad driving day yesterday. The traveling was not easy. I forgot that the Shamrock Run was yesterday morning and, consequently got stuck for 30 minutes on Glisan street in downtown Portland on my way to church. I like to arrive at church ready to be still and silent,  but the stress I felt as I sat, unmoving, surrounded by other drivers wasn’t getting my head and heart ready.

I go to a not very Greek, Greek Orthodox Church. Most of the service is in English, but we chant a few things in Greek. We usually chant  “Lord have mercy” in Greek, “kyrie eleison”. When I finally got moving again, I remembered this song, “Kyrie” from 1986 from Mister Mister.

On the way home, the wind was very strong. I could feel it move the car. When I got off the highway, the traffic lights were out on the streets I took to get to my house. It seems many people foot what they learned when they got their driver’s permit: when lights are out, you treat it as a 4 way stop. Well, apparently, not today. People were not even slowing down. I said a few more kyrie eleisons and waited until it looked safe to cross.

Fortunately, the power was on at my house and no clocks were flashing. My home is my sanctuary. Lord have mercy.


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