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Tundra Reading Club: The Highest Number in the World Reviews

30 Mar

Hey, Look, I’m quoted!!!!

Tundra Book Group

Hi everyone!

It’s time to share the Reading Club reviews for The Highest Number in the World!

TundraReadingClubThe Highest Number in the World

The Highest Number in the World
Written by Roy MacGregor | Illustrated by Geneviève Després
Hardcover | 32 Pages | Ages 6-9
ISBN: 978-1-77049-5753

“MacGregor’s writing packs an emotional punch without relying on sentimentality…Expressive pencil drawings, brightened with color washes, perfectly capture the characters’ feelings…A memorable, intergenerational picture book perfect for sharing.”– Starred Review, Booklist

  • Adrienne at BooksandBassets likes that it’s about “girl power and historical context.”
  • Lee-Ann at Goodreads thinks the book does “a wonderful job at showing how if you look at disappointment a different way it is possible to see it as an opportunity to discover something else and just as thrilling.”
  • Mary-Esther at Sister’s Library calls it a “sweet story that warms the heart.”
  • Stephanie at The Nomadic Reader felt the story “resonated with [her] as a Canadian and of course…

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Connections #SOL15

30 Mar


Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting via Google Hangouts with 9 people across the US. About 10 minutes after the meeting ended, I Skyped with my sister who lives in Canada.  All month I have been writing, sharing and reading slices with people all over the world.  It is amazing when you think about it.

In 1982, when I was 17, I left home to spend a year in Denmark as an exchange student. It took about a week to 10 days weeks for a letter to arrive. I only called by parents on Christmas because calls were so expensive. My parents saved all the letters I wrote and  still have them.


In 1991, when I was 26, I moved to Colombia, where I spent 3 years teaching at an American school. Letters took 2 weeks. Since the phone was my responsibility, I called occasionally, but not often. It was still expensive.

When I moved back to North America in 1994, I got my first job that had this thing called e-mail and a connection to the internet.

Now, everyone is on the phone everywhere. I can talk to anyone anywhere, or send them an e-mail.

But I sort of miss letters. The anticipation. The reading and re-reading. The thought that something that touched my hand will soon be touching yours.

We have all the connections.

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