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Last stop on Market Street

17 Apr

When I hear the name Matt de la Peña, I think young adult literature. But, he has also become a picture book author with  Last Stop On Market Street which is marvelously illustrated by Christian Robinson.


On his way home from church with his nana, CJ is impatient and wants things he a cannot have. As they travel on the bus, Nana ignites CJ’s imagination where trees drink raindrops from straws; the bus breathes fire; and each person has a story to tell. The text is an excellent example of “show don’t tell” writing that will inspire kids to see and imagine what is around them. This is a gentle book, but full of wonder.



Kids from urban neighborhoods will connect with CJ’s environment, and kids in less urban environments will have an opportunity to experience city life. I was thinking of our kinder team and the units they teach, but any primary classroom will enjoy this book.

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