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Please share why you are interested in this position

21 Apr


For the last two years, I have been on of two PD facilitators at my school, an additional responsibility that comes with a stipend. I knew it was a three year gig when I signed on last year, replacing someone who moved to another school.

Last week, my principal invited me to make an appointment to talk about that position. She was very sweet when she started and I could tell that she was kindly trying to tell me that the position had been eliminated. I let her know I was neither shocked nor hurt and knew it was coming. She looked relieved. She also told me about a new position for next year: intervention specialist with the PD facilitator position rolled into that. She explained the school district  would fund one position, she would use building funds for an additional position.

For a few days I thought about it and asked some follow-up question. She announced the position at a staff meeting last week and handed out the application. I looked over the questions. There were five questions in all. I could come up with ideas on how to answer the last four questions, but the first one had me stymied. I didn’t complete  the form. When you can’t articulate why you are interested in the position, it seems unwise to apply for it.

And I am happy with that.

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