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Flouting Convention

22 Apr


Today’s read aloud is Earmuffs for Everyone: How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs by Meghan McCarthy.  I’ll tell you more about the book below, but first, let me tell you why I’ve chosen it.

Our Science Expo is on June 2nd and, contrary to the intention, I have decided that my class will have an Invention Convention, rather than a traditional science fair.  For the last few years, the 4th grade has done an engineering and design project involving pet carriers. Teacher who lead that project has moved on and none of us left behind have taken it on. I like the idea of the kids ding an engineering and design project and I think they will learn more from that than by doing a science project or demonstration. It’s real life application of scientific principles. We have Inventors Notebooks and have through about problems and frustrations we face. Today we will read Earmuffs and really dig into an idea.

Earmuffs for Everyone: How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs  is the perfect read aloud because it doesn’t just talk about Chester Greenwood. It begins by talking about the other inventors responsible for inventing earmuffs. Then we get to Chester, who improved on a pre-existing idea. It also walks kids through the patent process and the movement to create a Chester Greenwood Day.

The backmatter is equally important. McCarthy’s Author’s Note shows us the meticulous research process she used to write her story so convincingly.

All in all this is an excellent book for any classroom. I highly recommend it.

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