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Yard Sale by Eve Bunting

27 Apr


At Friday’s PD workshop, someone commented that Fly Away Home by Eve Bunting was so sad. It is, but it is also filled with hope. In writing we are using Bunting’s book The Wall, to talk about a time we lost something. 

Bunting’s new book, Yard Sale, is equally as poignant as the two books above. But, also like them, there is hope and community.

Publisher’s Summary: Almost everything Callie’s family owns is spread out in their front yard—their furniture, their potted flowers, even Callie’s bike. They can’t stay in this house, so they’re moving to an apartment in the city. The new place is “small but nice,” Mom says, and most of their things won’t fit, so today they are having a yard sale. But it’s kind of hard to watch people buy your stuff, even if you understand why it has to happen. With sensitivity and grace, Eve Bunting and Lauren Castillo portray an event at once familiar and difficult, making clear that a home isn’t about what you have, but whom you hold close.

Like many of Bunting’s books, Yard Sale tackles real life problems in a way that will get kids thinking.

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