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Fresh starts

12 May


A few weeks ago I started 2 knitting projects: a sweater for the OBHR Games and a sweeter for me. Things went wonky with both and I was not feeling really happy about either. I set the OBHR sweater aside so I could think about it for a while. I ripped the other one out and started over. Once I had done that, I knew that was the way to go with the OBHR sweater. So, I ripped it out, too, and started over.

I felt so much relief. I felt like a knitter again, not some sham.

I can’t rip out a school year, but  one of the great things about teaching is that you get to have a fresh start every September. Lessons and units can be fine-tuned. You can push yourself a little more to try something you weren’t comfortable with the year before.

My OLW this year has been shift. There were some things I expected to shift and some things I had hoped would shift.   I feared Fiona wouldn’t be here at this point in the year, but she is. Her body is weak, but her spirit is strong. I asked for a transfer to middle school, hoping to avoid the interview process,  and that didn’t happen. I’ve applied to some jobs, but no word yet. I am working on patience, but I suspect this is a fresh start that just might not happen. If it doesn’t, I will have a fresh start with 4th grade. I jumped into this job just before school began and I started the school year a little off kilter because of the unexpected change. Next year at least, I will start knowing what I am doing.

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