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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

19 May


We are part of a fresh fruit & vegetable program (FFVP for short) on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Last week,  our lunch lady sent the staff an e-mail letting us know that she would be at a different school Tuesday, due to a shortage of lunch ladies in the district. Because of this, the FFVP would be on Wednesday, thursday and Friday instead. One of  the class job is “Snack Helper”. Snack helpers go to the cafeteria to pick up the snack, then serve it to their peers. It is one of the kids’ favorite jobs.

Knowing this, I put a note on the board Tuesday morning:

No Snack today

W, Th, F instead

When the kids came in, the were in a tizzy. Someone called put “OMG look what Miss G. out on the board.” What I clearly saw as Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,  they kids saw as WTF, the short form of “What the @#$%”.

I was shocked that they would see that, but couldn’t help laughing. I fixed the board and told my colleagues that from now on, if they hear me say “Wednesday, Thursday, Friday”, I mean WTF.

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