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Wrapping up

9 Jun


Twice last week, people came into my room to talk to me and said something along the lines of, “Wow. You’ve already started packing up.”

Twice I had to explain that, in fact, I hadn’t. I’m just a minimalist when it comes to decorating. Maybe they said that because they know I’m leaving. Maybe it was because the room and bulletin board next to me is a riot of color and inspirational posters. I only had a few charts up, but they were charts I actually used.

Since then, I have taken down charts and begun packing boxes.  I am acting, in many ways,  as though this were the end of any old school year. I am packing things up slowly, ticking things off the to do list. I know I am changing schools and I am actually very excited about next year. But, I am essentially in denial. I am excited about next year, but not thinking about the end of this one.

I hate goodbyes, but I  love this song. How strange, the change from major to minor. Indeed.

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