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The Pleasure of Reading Fast and Short by Donalyn Miller

15 Jun

Today I am packing up my classroom, so, rather than writing, I am reposting an excellent article by Donalyn Miller.

Nerdy Book Club

We are moving and most of our books are packed. Spending every waking moment cleaning and packing limits my reading time, and influences my reading habits. I have rediscovered a new appreciation for the short texts that I subscribe to and regularly read. Whether it’s a news article about the American Southwest’s water shortage or a thought-provoking blog post about teaching and parenting, I find daily information and edification from reading short texts—a wonderful supplement to my reading life. Here are my current favorite sources for short texts and online reading.

A News Letter from the Desk of Austin Kleon: Austin Kleon is a poet, artist, and author of two books about fostering creativity and promoting yourself—Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work! Each Friday, he publishes a weekly newsletter that collects random bits of inspiration and fascination he discovers such as documentaries, interviews with artists, photographs, and…

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