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Summer Vacation,Day1: The Recovery Phase

16 Jun


The kids finished Friday. We sent them off in a flurry of bubbles as the buses pulled away.We teachers were excited and happy, but new our vacation didn’t start yet. We had to come back on Monday to clean up and check-out.

Saturday all I wanted to do was sleep.  My eyes felt heavy all day. I took two 20 minute naps and went to bed early that evening. When  awoke Sunday morning, I felt much more alert.

Yesterday, we revived a tradition from many years ago and met for breakfast at Elmer’s before beginning our summer cleaning. The breakfast was huge and made it possible to work through lunch because i was not hungry. I packed and labeled 19 boxes to ship to my new school, collected 2 boxes to donate to new teachers and brought 4 boxes home. I took down the last bulletin board and removed all the staples. I filled two garbage bags and both recycling boxes.

One by one, my teammates came in to say they had finished and were checking out until I was alone in Blue Hall.  By the time I was ready to check out at 2:30, I was sweaty and exhausted. My back ached, my muscles hurt and my feet throbbed.

And then I was gone.

I got home and drank about 6 glasses of water and ate a salad for dinner. I had a shower then went to bed early, again.  Stretching out under the covers felt like a little bit of heaven.

I woke up this morning a little sore in places, but not as much as I expected to be.

I guess, I am already in recovery mode.

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