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My summer footwear dilemma – a Slice of Life Story

7 Jul


For me, footwear is pretty black & white: I either wear shoes and socks, or I go barefoot. There are a few exceptions. I have Birkenstocks, but usually wear them with socks. Yup.  I have a pair of heelless mules for dress up.  And I have a pair of old lined Crocs that I consider my slippers. During the summer, I am usually barefoot in the house. As we go into day 8 of our heat wave, I have encountered a footwear dilemma.

I have been limiting the girls’ walks. We take an early morning walk, but after that, I take them outside for brief potty breaks. Normally, I put on my slippers to do this. But, my slippers are too warm these days. I don’t like to be barefoot during a potty break, just in case. Putting on shoes & socks is a lot of work for a brief stint outside. So, I came to the conclusion I needed flip-flops.

So, I bought a pair. I decided to get this cute pair.


But, I don’t really like walking in them.They are comfortable enough, but I tend to curl my toes while I walk to keep them from falling off. This makes going down steps a little tricky. I’m not sure why I am so inept at walking in flip-flops. It shouldn’t be this hard, should it? I don’t wear high heels because I never really learned to walk in them, but I used to walk easily in flip-flops. What happened to me? Maybe it is just lack of practice. As the heat wave rolls on I hope I will become more adept.

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