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Another chapter in the book I’ll never write: A Slice of Life Story

25 Aug


We have a menace on our street. Someone is not picking up after their dog…a lot. Pretty much every bit of grassy parking strip is tainted.

We have a regular route we walk. Out the back door to the sidewalk, across the street, then a quick jaunt to the corner and around the block. If Fiona is feeling really energetic we do two blocks. Go team basset!

I always look down and around to be sure there isn’t anything for the girls to get into. But now, as I turn back onto our street, it is awful. And I am not the only one who has noticed. The neighbor across the way thinks she knows who it is. But no one has actually seen the person.

The best reaction is this:


This neighbor is fed up with this mystery person leaving a mess on her parking strip. I love her positive message, though you can tell she is really angry. I hope her strategy s successful.


It is a little hard to read, but here is what it says:

Dear person leaving dog poop,

Instead of putting your dog’s poop in the street, could you please pick it up with these baggies? Let’s all work together to have a clean and pleasant  neighborhood.

Yup, another chapter for My Life in Dog Poop, that book I’ll never write.

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