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On reading books in a series

2 Oct

I love series.

I love returning to familiar characters who feel like friends. I love the sense of accomplishment it brings as I finish another book in the series. It feel the way I imagine it feels to scale a mountain. When I finish a series I feel like am standing at the top of a mountain with both arms raised.


I’ve not yet reached these heights with my current series, Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. 


I’m a couple of chapters away from the end of the second book, Scarlet  and the third book, Cress, which I’ve had on hold for a while, has now arrived at the library and is ready to be picked up.

Now, I have a book dilemma.

Do I set aside what I’d had lined up next and dive into Cress, or should I read what I’d planned to read next and give myself a break in between the two, making the return that much sweeter. I’m leaning towards the latter.

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