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Lightning VS History: A Slice of Life Story

3 Nov


Lightning never strikes the same place twice.


History repeats itself.

Today I declare History the winner.

Yesterday, while walking the dogs on a not so dark Monday morning before school, I found some money. Six dollars: a five and a one. They were folded over, just lying there, wet, on the sidewalk. I looked around. There was no one in sight, so I picked them up and tucked them in my pocket, happy because I was now six dollars richer and I hoped that boded well for the first Monday in November.

The funny thing is, I found the cash about ten feet away from where I’d found a wallet two summers ago. You can see now why Lightning lost.

I put forth some effort to return that wallet to its owner, but with no one in sight, I figured it was OK to keep the money. I felt a little guilty, wondering if someone had lost their last six bucks. I didn’t feel guilty enough to leave it lying there, all sad, soggy and forlorn.

On the drive to work I saw a rainbow. This must be my lucky day, I thought to myself.  There might have been a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, but I decided to leave it for someone else.



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