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Dress for success: A Slice of life story

17 Nov


New school, new duty schedule.

During in-service week, we were sent an e-mail letting us know that the first semester duty sign up was live and we could sign up. By the time my teaching partner and I got here, a lot  of spots were already full. All the sunny months. That left the rainy months for the rest of us. I had no idea what or where I was signing up for, but I filled the required number of spaces and forgot about it until this week.

We are due for torrential rain today and it is day two of my first week of duty. Yesterday, I read over the direction to my area (the covered area near the gym doors). Make sure they don’t run on the stairs? I didn’t even know there were stairs on that side of the building! Yet another area I’d yet to explore.

I arrived at 8:50 to the doors near the gym. Yes. the area was sort of covered, but not by the door where I was supposed to stand and greet students as they arrived. Just the basketball courts. Is there no justice? Fortunately, the kids were good. most greeted me with a smile. Many looked cold or sleepy, just glad to be going in the building. I was glad I brought my hat & gloves because it was cold and damp.  Today’s forecast calls for rain. Tomorrow’s for heavy rain.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 5.48.53 AM

I might need my heavy-duty raincoat.

Next year, I’m signing up earlier.

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