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The thing about knitting…

14 Dec

Knitting tends to be a solitary endeavor, unless you belong to a knitting circle. Even if you do, most of the work is done alone. But the cool thing about knitting is that, although alone, you spend a lot of time thinking about the person you are knitting for.

My mother taught me to knit, but it was my Danish host mother, Lis Pedersen, who taught me to make things and read a pattern. She also taught me to knit continental style.

I have a lot of happy memories tied up in knitting.

In Knit Together,  Angela Dominguez brings together a mother who knits with a daughter who wants to knit, but only creates tangles.


A lot of beginning knitters get frustrated while learning…it looks so much easier than it is.


Fortunately, our unnamed narrator has a patient mother who finds the perfect solution to this dilemma.

Goodreads Summary: New from an award-winning illustrator comes a sweet story of mothers and daughters, drawing and knitting, and learning to embrace your talents—just right for Mother’s Day.

Drawing is fun, but knitting is better—because you can wear it! Knitting isn’t easy, though, and can be a little frustrating. Maybe the best thing to do is combine talents. A trip to the beach offers plenty of inspiration. Soon mom and daughter are collaborating on a piece of art they can share together: a special drawing made into a knitted beach blanket.

For every mom and daughter, this is an arts-and-crafts ode creative passion and working together.

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