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My One Little Word for 2016

5 Jan


Like many Slicers, my first Slice of Life  post of 2016 is my One Little Word. I always claim I don;t make resolutions, and that New Years for me is in September, but I like writing a One Little Word post. I think of it as a course correction to get me back on track

The end of 2015 was hard, losing my dad and my dog. And I felt driven through much of that year, hoping and actively seeking a new job, serving on the Morris Committee, beginning my new job. I want to feel less driven in 2016, so my OLW for 2016 is contentment.

Having worked hard to “get what I wanted” I want to take some time to relax and enjoy whatever comes my way. Although I greatly enjoyed serving on the Morris Committee, I want the serendipity of reading whatever I find at the library. Now that I have the job I sought so actively, I want to enjoy being that teacher.

I am an introvert by nature and I think a lot of 2015 put me out of my comfort zone. I had to be more extroverted than I am by nature. I want to reclaim my introversion and just be happy with what I have, where I live and work. I am sure I will find something that will catch my fancy and will let it weep me up, but for now, I am content with life and I just want to embrace that for a while.

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