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I’m on my way #alamw16

8 Jan


Today is mostly a travel day.

Lucy was dropped off at Sniff Dog Hotel last night.


She was sad & trembly, which made me sad, but I know she will be well cared for and have a good time. We arrived as people were picking up their dogs from daycare. I hope Lucy greets me as excitedly as the dogs we saw greeted their people.

When I got home from dropping her off I packed my bag, had dinner and did some more rereading. I  will also be rereading on the plane.

I arrive in Boston around 4 in the afternoon, which will give me time to check into the hotel and the conference before I go off to the first of two receptions Friday night. This is a stretch for me, the introvert, and we shall see if I make it to  and survive both.

The Morris Committee meets Saturday afternoon, at which time we will debate the merits of our five finalists and decide which one rises to the top.


I think, at some point, we make a conference call to the winner. I hope I’m right about that. If I am, I will definitely tell you how it went.

My next post will be from Boston!

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