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A Pain in the Neck

16 Feb


We had parent-teacher conferences last week, which meant we worked 12 hour days on Wednesday and Thursday, then had Friday off. It makes for a hard week and when my teammates and I went out for Lunch on Thursday,we were clearly punchy.

Exhausted when I got home, I played with Lucy for a bit then went to bed and slept, unmoving, until about 7 the next morning. I know I slept without moving because, when I woke up I had a real live pain in the neck. It was on the right side, towards the back. I could look left and up without pain, but down and right hurt.It was definitely a muscle pain, so I hoed it would pass on its own.  I took an afternoon nap as part of my P-T conference recovery program and it was about the same when I got up. By the time I went to bed, it felt a little better.

And then it wasn’t. I woke around two Saturday morning with excruciating pain in my neck. I tried to change my sleeping position, but moving my right arm cause the pain to flare.  I struggled out of bed, careful not to wake the basset sleeping soundly beside me. I dreaded trying to lay down again; there was no comfortable way to do so. Should I use heat? I fear sleeping with a heating pad and setting my bed on fire.

I did a little online research and came across some reasons for neck pain, (not moving while asleep is one of them!) and looking for remedies. I rejected any option referring to heat. Oh, how I wished I had one of those rice filled neck things you could microwave! Then, I came a cross a suggestion to sleep on your side (my preferred position) with a rolled up towel under the neck to maintain a straight spine. What could it hurt?

Amazingly, when I set the rolled towel in place, the pain diminished. I fell asleep easily and woke, feeling better than I had at two. I used the heating pad most of Saturday and the pain began to disappear. Sunday night, I was able to sleep without the towel.  By Monday morning, it was almost gone. Today, it is barely a memory.

I still might make  one of those rice filled heating pads. It turns out, you can make one out of a sock!



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