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Package Day

8 Mar


I had a late meeting after school yesterday and, as I climbed the steps from the street to my front door, I was delighted  to see a package sitting on my stoop.

My twin sister and I send each other packages in the mail for no reason. We collect things (books, tea, etc.)that we know the other likes. When we have enough, we ship it off. It is a tradition that has evolved over time.

I have lived away from my family for decades. I taught in Colombia for several years and my sister and I sent letters. Later, when I’d moved to Portland, OR, letters evolved into socks, and socks evolved into packages.I can’t tell you when or why or how, but the tradition continues.

Today’s package contained a replacement for a favorite mug I’d broken a few months ago. And there was tea (2 kinds) and some Cadbury’s Easter candy I can’t get here. I’ve got to pace myself on that.

I have a package on the go for her, too. I need to get more packing tape, but I hope to mail it on Friday, so it will arrive after she and her family get home from their Spring Break vacation. I hope she will be as excited to get this one as I was to get hers.

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