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9 Mar

I saw my first trillium today.

Driving down the highway towards home, I took my eyes off the road. I’ve been doing so since the beginning of the month because this is when the trilliums come.

And today, I saw my first trillium.

It filled my heart with joy, to see it there nestled among the ferns in the forest bordering the highway. Where there is one, more will come.

My mid wandered, thinking about the Flower Fairy books by Cicely Mary Barker that my grandmother gave us. Did you ever read these? Here is a sample.


To my knowledge, Cicely Mary Barker never wrote a poem about trilliums. Inspired by CMB  and the trillium I saw today, I wrote one

The Song of the Trillium Fairy

The road is wide, its banks are steep,
Where Douglas firs reach high;
And gently through the ferns I creep,
‘Neath Oregon’s grey sky.

The people in the cars below
Look up and see me there,
Where shyly my three petals show
That Spring is in the air.


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