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The Quiz

10 Mar


Privacy folders were up and I passed out the quiz. Pencils were poised awaiting the signal that they could begin.

“Go!” I called.

The sound of papers being flipped was followed by the scratch of pencils. Then giggles. A few kids stopped writing and appeared to be finished.

Before too long, I saw a hand go up and student said, “I am on number 8.”

More giggles. Some groans and then everyone was finished.

Yes, we tricked them. All four of the teachers on my team gave THAT quiz: the one about reading directions. We’d all recently had kids get test questions wrong because they didn’t read directions, so we thought we’d teach them lesson. My class had a good discussion about the importance of reading and listening to ALL directions and, though this could have been boring it wasn’t . The were especially impressed at how the four teachers had conspired against them.

I think we rose in their estimation today.




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