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The king is dead. Long live the king.

19 Mar

We’d been together a very long time.


I bought my Danskos in the early 2000’s. Originally there were two pairs: Antique Brown and Black. They were incredibly comfortable and versatile. I could wear them with pants or a skirt and with one in each color, I had pretty much every wardrobe option covered. I’m not hard on shoes, but nothing lasts forever.

I put the Black pair to rest last year. This week, I realized the Antique Brown pair was kaput. The heels had fallen apart.


I needed to take drastic action.

Yesterday, I bought new ones. Two new pairs. I replaced both pairs in one fell swoop.


Until I picked up the new pair, I hadn’t realized how scuffed and ratty my olds ones had become. I am excited to wear them to school…once Spring Break is over.

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