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A Memory Poem

21 Mar

Something I saw this weekend brought back a memory from my childhood and inspired a poem.


The green Mustang

that screamed around the corner

brought back memories of my brother’s

green CCM bicycle

with the two-toned seat.


Even though he was told not to

he gave us rides on the handlebars

his little sisters

we took turns laughing

with wind in our faces.



Down the road,

to the Gothicky Anglican Church

that made us think it was haunted,

that no one we knew attended,

then back to our house.



Our church was more modest

a simple wooden church painted white

walkable, near the center of town

where our older sister would be married

in just a few days.



I saw the green mustang again

stopped by police on the corner

a few blocks away

they stood and talked for a while

then they let them go.



I recalled my brother’s bike again

and my sister’s foot

caught in the spikes

ruining the new shoes

she was to wear to the wedding.


The green mustang will disappear

from my memory

but the green bicycle has become

a family legend

along with my sister’s foot.

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