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My new doctor

19 Apr


A mild expletive escaped my lips as I read the letter. My doctor was writing to inform me that she is moving from internal medicine to immunology, and I would have to choose a new preferred provider.

I went through this last summer with my vet. I had a big decision to make then: choose a new vet at the clinic I’d used for ten years, or go somewhere completely new.I see my vet more than I see my own doctor so this was a very big decision to make.  I opted to stay at the same clinic, but  go with Dr. Klau, the new vet hired to replace Dr, Davies. I knew I could always move on to a new clinic if he didn’t work out. So far, my experience with Dr. Klau has been excellent.

I hate going to the doctor myself. I see my own doctor once a year, but only because I have to. They have this thing about renewing my asthma medicine without seeing me. Choosing a new preferred provider was a little different from choosing a new vet. I am a part of a big HMO, so I had several locations to choose from. I went online and looked through the list of doctors accepting new patients. I studied their pictures, looked where they went to school, researched which clinics they work at, read about their hobbies.Then, I went online to look at ratings. Everything and everyone is rated these days, so I eliminate a few more. I reread their profiles and finally whose one.

Today is the big day: I have my first appointment with my new doctor after school. Although the process was a little different , the outcome of this appointment is the same as my first vet visit: I can always move on to a new doctor if it doesn’t work out.



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