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1 May

My stomach was knot most of Friday mooring as I awaited the announcement of the ALSC elections. I was one of ten people on the ballot for the 2018 Robert F Sibert Informational Book Award, but only five of us would be elected. When the e-mail arrived, I took a deep breath before opening it.


Dear Adrienne,

Congratulations upon your election to the 2018 (Robert F.) Sibert Award Selection Committee!

A copy of the election results will be posted at the end of business today. Your term of appointment will begin with the adjournment of the ALA 2016 Annual Conference in Orlando, FL and ends with the adjournment of the 2018 Annual Conference in New Orleans, LA. You will be receiving a letter from the ALSC office with your official paperwork.  Again, congratulations!

Thank you,


I squealed quietly (I was at work, after all) and went next door to tell my teaching partner my good news.

For now, I just get to bask in the celebratory glow that is enveloping me. My term doesn’t officially begin until July 1st. My job will be to read as many informational (non-fiction) books with a 2017 publication date. It means I will have to go to conferences in Atlanta in January 2017, Chicago in June 2017, Denver in February 2018 and New Orleans  in June 2018.


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