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Traffic Cop

3 May

Growing up, we had a piano, but lived in a town with no piano teacher. My dad bought us some books and lately I’ve been thinking about one of the songs from that red John Thompson’s First Grade Book.



The simple song goes like this:

Traffic Go, Traffic Stop!
All must heed the Traffic Cop!
When I’m grown, I shall be
Just as fine a cop as he!

It goes through my head everyday as I do the duty I signed up for this month at school. My job is to move cars along as parents drop their students off in the morning. It is, perhaps, the most fun duty I have ever had.

I love waving the cars along, especially the ones that want to drop their children right at the front door, holding up the giant queue behind them. I really want a set of the red signal cones that they use at the airport to guide the planes taxiing in and out of the gates.  I love urging the BMWs, and especially the Jaguar, to “Move along!” I feel so powerful.  I feel sad for the kids who get out of cars that smell like cigarettes and wonder, did my clothes reek of smoke as a kid?

What I especially like are the snippets of conversation I hear as kids get dropped off.

“Love you!”

“Why are you mad at me?”

“Don’t forget…bus this afternoon.”

It gives just a little more insight into the lives of the kids at my school and a nice reminder of just how young they are.


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