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My first book purchase

9 May

My parents didn’t read to me as a child. That is a fact, not a judgement. It wasn’t really the done thing. They did, however, take us to the library and encouraged us to read. After my sister and I had discovered Nancy Drew books, we were almost always allowed to buy one when we went to the mall.

But the first book I remember buying came from a scholastic order in Grade 1. Magnets and how to use them came with a small magnet taped in the back.


It was a typical Scholastic book of the time: simple illustrations and three-color printing. But the magic was kindled. I remember walking in our rather large backyard, looking for things to test my magnet on.

Shortly after that, in December of grade 2, we moved away to Northern Ontario. I don’t think the magnet book made it on the trip north. I know the magnet was lost shortly after I got it, but the magnetic¬†attraction between books and I has never been lost.

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