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An easy week that wasn’t

31 May


It was supposed to be an easy week: only four days with kids and one of these an all day meeting with Humanities teachers. I was looking forward to the last full week of May. But as Robert Burns once wrote

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men
          Gang aft agley,
And so it was last week.  Monday, a student who still hadn’t turned in her Teen Activism book, did so after some emails to her other.  Like all PD, Tuesday’s meeting had its high and low points, but it ended well. Woohoo!
Things started going downhill Wednesday when student who has had a rough go the last few weeks, failed a test in my class. He has been an A student all year and this was very much out of character. I’d noticed a few other things with him and I slept poorly that night, worried about him. Thursday morning, feeling wretched after my poor night’s sleep I sat to grade the next stack of Teen Activism books when I noticed something unusual: the book I’d been so happy to receive Monday, was IDENTICAL to that of another student, who had turned hers in on time. After a quick chat with the girl whose work had been stolen, I contacted my VP.  According to my VP, when she asked the student why she was there, the student said “Because I stole ____’s book.” I also managed to talk to my VP about the student who failed the test. She assured me she’d check up on his situation. We are all worried about him.
Thank goodness we had no students Friday. One of our in school PD options was a mile walk around the neighborhood. I chose that as my first option and it was invigorating…just what I needed.
We have another four-day week this week, and only three weeks of school left. I hope these last three weeks are a little less dramatic.
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