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An Ideal Travel Day

29 Jun

I had a great travel day yesterday. I got to the airport in a timely manner and took the traditional PDX shot.


While waiting for my 8 a.m flight, the crew at the Gate kiosk announced we needed to fill out an information card.


I don’t remember ever having had to do so before, but, being the natural rule follower that I am, I complied.

We began boarding around 7:45. Once my row was called to board,  quickly found my window seat and sat waiting to see what sort of person would occupy the seat beside me. As the line dwindled, I began to wonder if it could be possible that no one would sit there. A few stragglers came down the aisle, but it was true. I had my row to myself!!!

Our original flying time was about four and a half hours, but, given the  prevailing winds, they now estimated four hours and fifteen minutes. Although we began boarding late, we would make up the time and, intact, arrive a little earlier than scheduled. Could this day get any better? It did because, as we left Portland, I had a lovely view of Mount St. Helens, Mt Adams and Mt. Saint Helens, though I couldn’t get all three in the photo I snapped.


I had remembered to pack head phones but the seatback entertainment system required headphones with a USB connection and mine have the traditional peg like connection. No problem, I had a good book to read.

Partway through the book, I set it aside on my empty seat, to eat the sandwich I had packed. It was great to have a storage seat beside me. I picked the book up again and read for a while longer. I set it aside about 2/3 of the way through the flight and the book. The plane was very quiet at this point. We were flying at a high altitude and the screen on from to indicated that to was -44º C outside. The silence inspired me to write a sonnet.

Sitting alone in the airplane seat

As though curled up with a good book

At home in my reading nook

A travel situation that can’t be beat.

My eyes stray from the pages

Of my book and out the window

To the clouds above the ground below

Shaped by the work of ages.

It is quiet. Many passengers sleep

And those awake have minds occupied

With books or movies. We are well supplied

As across a continent we leap.

Before too long our descent begins

And I grow restless in great anticipation

Of landing at my final destination

And the reunion of the Gillespie twins.




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