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Lending a hand

26 Jul

My back was turned to the road, keeping the midday sun out of my eyes and Lucy trotted along the curb as though it were a balance beam. I heard the car behind me, so I pulled the leash, tugging her away from the road and onto the grassy parking strip . The driver of the white SUV and I made eye contact, letting each other know we would both make sure Lucy was safe. I pulled again on Lucy’s leash, getting her out of the way of whoever was about to emerge from the SUV. Her attention turned to a blade of grass as the SUV parked.

As Lucy took care of business, I  half watched  my neighbor get out, open the hatch and start unloading the groceries that filled the back. She pulled out the bags and package of paper towels while I tore a bag off the roll and performed the duties of a good neighbor and responsible citizen. Lucy and I turned to carry on with our afternoon walk as voice called out, “Could you give me a hand?”.

I turned to see the driver juggling the packages.

“Could you close the hatch?” she asked hopefully. “My hands are full.”

I smiled and nodded. “Sure, no problem.”

I tugged Lucy close to the SUV again and reached up, barely able to grab the hatch, but I got it and pulled it closed.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No problem,” I replied, smiling. She didn’t know how tall she just made me feel. At not quite 5 feet tall, I often rely upon the kindness of strangers to help me reach things that are too high for me. Finally, I had a chance to repay the favor.

We smiled at each other one last time, then, she walked off with her groceries.  I tugged on  Lucy’s leash once more and walked away in the other direction, my heart a little lighter.


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